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JMT 80% lower in action

80 Lower Receiver For Your AR-15 Platform

Engineered using our own proprietary hybrid formula of polymers and
fibers, sound engineering and attention to detail you can expect the same
ruggedness and quality you’ve learned to trust in our AR-15 lower 80% receiver.
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Dear JMT Customer,  

HomeSlidesG2James Madison tactical LLC as of August 21, 2014 has received the ever so important determination letter from the ATF/FTB that our JMT 80 lower receiver is not classified as a firearm as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3). The examination states that manufacturing operations have not been performed in the fire control section of the receiver blank and that the casting has not reached a point in the manufacturing process to be classified as a firearm.

Now there is a polymer/composite 80% lower receiver you can purchase with confidence, guaranteeing when you purchase that by no means is it considered a firearm and in fact complies with the gun control act of 1968. It is urged that before ordering any 80% lower receiver that you verify the manufacturer has been approved by the ATF/ FTB and meets this compliance. The 80 lower receiver manufacturer should be able to furnish you with a copy of their approval letter.

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Scott Hanchette
James Madison Tactical, llc

HomeSlidesG22The best just got better!

James Madison Tactical is proud to introduce the new Gen2 80 lower receiver for your AR-15 platform. JMT is constantly evolving to deliver the ultimate 80 lower receiver in the industry. The decision to refine the cosmetics to our already rugged JMT 80 composite / polymer lower, while at the same time taking the liberty to beef up existing strengths, truly makes the JMT 80 lower even more substantial. We invite you to take a look and compare us to the competition. After doing so, we are completely confident you will choose a JMT 80 lower receiver. Key enhancements: • Extended upper fire control box sections. • Upper left magazine well box section. • Webbed magazine wells L & R side (matched for MagPul) magazines. • Extended bolt release roll pin posts. • New JMT Gen2 logo markings.

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