The best AR-15 lower on the market today

James Madison Tactical has created its own recipe of hybrid polymers and fibers with additional reinforcements in high stress areas to bring you the best AR-15 lower on the market today. JMT uses only the best high quality hybrid fiber/polymer materials, advanced engineering, precision manufacturing and stringent quality controls. This way you can trust it not only in the harshest field environments but for personal protection as well. The JMT AR-15 80% lower is designed specifically to Mil Spec tolerances for a high level of interchangeability with other Mil Spec AR-15 parts and accessories on the market today. This is achieved through current technology and computer aided manufacturing processes combined with exacting quality control procedures.

Our new polymer JMT80 lower receiver design features:

  • Enhanced / Oversized Trigger Guard
  • Reinforced upper forward pin tabs
  • Reinforced butt stock mount
  • Flared magazine receiver
  • Forward magazine finger grate
  • Will Work on any Upper Receiver!
  • Multiple Calibers Supported.
  • Compatible with metal AR 15 Parts Kit
  • Polymer Design for a Light Weight AR 15 Rifle Build!
  • Color is Black.


  1. This lower rocks! I can’t wait to get mine. Cool logo, bad@ss looking design. Post more semi-auto firing session videos, please!

  2. Looking forward to getting mine as well.

  3. Love my JMT lower! I am in the process of building a 6.8 spc lightweight, short, scout rifle for coyote, white tail, and hog hunting in Texas ( I’ll post pics when I’m done)
    The quality, fit and finish on my JMT lower are just as good if not better than any other lower I have come across….the process is relatively simple….just remember measure twice, cut once( go slow and pay attention to all your holes and pockets)
    I had a few small issues with the process and Chris at JMT walked me through my stumbling blocks….their customer service is second to none:-)
    Can’t wait to finish my build and go get some piggies.


  4. Wanted to clear up an oops with my last post….not sure what I was thinking when I wrote it but my customer service rep was Scott ( not Chris) …

  5. RB

    I want to express my sincerest thanks for a product that is really well built. I have tried others (polys) to no satisfaction what so ever. I am very proud of the unit that I received and built. I have posted to pics of the build. By no uncertain circumstances am I a professional but my build turned out like it was built by one. Look it up under “First timer”.


  6. I’ve been thinking about purchasing, but I feel a bit nervous now that the BATF is clamping down on folks like Ares for selling polymer 80% lowers. Do I have any assurance that my personal shipping information will remain confidential if I purchase an 80% lower from you?


    (yes, I used a fake email address…sorry…call me paranoid)

  7. bc2

    I had ordered another brand of 80% lower and after doing more extensive research, I decided to cancel that order and pay a little more for the JMT 80% lower. I ordered a JMT 80% AR-15 Lower from their website on Sunday afternoon, March 16th and received it the following Friday. I’d say that was excellent turn-around. First impression was that it was of very good quality. I had to wait a day for my end mill to arrive via USPS, so I hogged out some the material in the receiver with a drill. This seemed to be a good idea because it made working with the end mill easier. After receiving the end mill I proceeded to finish the machining on the receiver — following instructions downloaded from the JMT website. All the “machine work” was completed on a bench top drill press. The finished product was excellent. I purchased a 16″ rifle kit with a heavy barrel from Del-ton which included everything but a stripped lower. All the parts went together as designed and the rifle functioned as expected. I have finished my build today with a carry handle and iron sights (I wanted a basic AR-15 for my first build). I have not put any rounds through it yet, but do not expect any problems.
    Some recommendations: Do not rush your work — take small bites with the end mill. Be very careful when you get close to the jig — you can gouge it and your lower if you don’t have a portion of the smooth shaft in contact with the jig. I had a little trouble fitting the selector switch because the trigger opening needed to be opened more to the front of the receiver — this is no big deal, but it took me a few minutes to figure out why the selector switch wouldn’t insert. It’s important to be very accurate on the depth of the trigger group area because the material left is relatively thin.
    Some people were having trouble with misaligned holes for the trigger and hammer — this is resolved now by drilling all holes from one side — all the way through. I found that when drilling the large hole for the selector switch, you should retract the bit quite often or it will heat up and the polymer will melt — again, do not rush your work!!!
    This was a fun project and I will be using James Madison Tactical 80% Lower again.

  8. Hey Bc2. I am about to order a few myself. What do you think the best speed for the drill to be? I have a El Cheapo 5 speed drill press I bought new and I bought a polymer 80 somewhere else and destroyed it. It was no where near the quality I see here!! I lost $100 and wish I found this site to begin with. Their jig was a joke. Thanks

  9. Hey,

    By far the best looking best formed and best functionality of any polymer receiver built today. Have one and am going to get more, excellent guys to talk to and customer service is second to none. Do yourself a favor and just get the JMT. you will be glad you did.